Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Despite of how much dog owners love their dogs, it would be a lie to say that they aren’t bothered by their shedding. Even harder to admit, is the fact that your dog’s fur may be causing your allergies. Now, this is no reason to give up on your beloved pet, as regular grooming and a healthy diet can help manage shedding. However, the next time you want to add a new member to your family, it may be worth considering a breed that doesn’t shed.

Why do some dogs shed and others don’t?

Some dogs shed a little and others shed more, but the truth is that the only dogs that are truly non-shedding are the hairless variety such as the American Hairless Terrier or the Hairless Khala. How much a dog sheds really depends on the breed and other factors like health, changes in season, diet, and grooming.

6 Dog Breeds that Hardly Shed

1. Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most celebrated breeds of dog is the Yorkshire Terrier. Not only did they earn their popularity because of their minimally shedding coat, but they are also loved for their intelligence and outgoing personalities. Another good thing about Yorkies is that they don’t require a whole lot of exercise due to their small size. However, their coat does need to be brushed daily in order to keep it shiny, healthy, and prevent mats from forming.

2. Maltese

Maltese have been companions to royalty throughout Europe for hundreds of years, which is why they’ve developed such as social personality. This makes them the ideal family pet, as they get along well with people of all ages, but like the Yorkie, Maltese dogs can also be high maintenance when it comes to grooming.

3. Whippet

The Whippet is a small hound breed, most commonly known for being a race dog. These dogs are extremely athletic and require exercise every day, but they have a short coat, so not a lot of grooming is required.

4. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers are naturally protective dogs that require also plenty of exercise. Their coat is fairly easy to maintain, only requiring periodic brushing and stripping of the coat. Of course, they also don’t shed much, making the grooming process even easier.

5. Komondor

The Komondor is one of the easiest dogs to groom, as their fur is like a sheep’s and doesn’t require brushing. However, frequent bathing is necessary to keep the dog’s coat white. On the positive side, their hair is in a dreadlock-like form, which doesn’t allow the coat to shed.

6. Portuguese Water Dog

Ever since First Dog Bo was chosen by Obama to live with the Presidential Family, the Portuguese Water Dog has gained popularity. Not surprisingly, the breed has all the right characteristics for a family dog including; minimal shedding, love for swimming, intelligence, and affection.

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